[celeb] Megan Fox (candid) 2

Christmas Card Project

Hello friends! I hope everything is good with you!
I'm having a small Christmas project at spare_room. It involves sending and receiving something pretty in the mail. The rules are pretty simple and if you want to make someone happy around the holidays, this is the place.

christmas card project

here @spare_room
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All of my icons/textures can be found at printless !
This is my personal journal, without commenting on my FO post I will NOT add you back , there is nothing to see here!

PS: Sorry flist, the last couple of weeks I keep getting added like that :/

[celeb] Megan Fox (candid) 2


friends cut


The people who didn't comment HERE were removed.
The people who didn't comment to that post and I didn't cut are those on hiatus, those I added recently or those I've known for awhile and with whom I often talk.
If I made some sort of a mistake, please let me know.
[celeb] Megan Fox (candid) 2


mfox_stills is an icon challenge community dedicated to the gorgeous Megan Fox
Here you will find weekly challenges featuring different sets of photos of Megan.
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Here is the a code if anyone would want to pimp it ^^
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And because I have absolutely nothing to study and no homework to do, I present you my newest community. I would love to see you there ^^


The community that will bring beauty to your life.
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