Joanna (music_fun) wrote,

10 reasons why

10 reasons why I HATE the 'Secret Life'

1. The bad fugly actors. I have never seen a show where absolutely every actor doesn't know what he/she is doing.

2. Every sentence contains the word sex. Okay I do realize that the show has a lot of horny teenagers but it's a little bit too much.

3. Teenage pregnancy is presented like the easiest thing ever. The matter is very serious and a tv show that features such a storyline should give an adequate picture of what being a pregnant girl at 15 is so that eventually the 15 year old viewers would know what to and what not to do.

4. The pregnant Amy who is supposed to be nice and sweet but actually turns out to be a disgusting brad.

5. The marriage with 'fake ID's' . What kind of an idiot you should be to think you could get married with illegal documents!?

6. 'I love you and I want to spend my life with you' said by a 15 year ald dude who can't even spell his name. I mean seriously, how could any person with self respect say that at the age of 15!?

7.The naughty daddy Ricky. He is absolutely obvious in his plans and lies. Even when his dad arrived, trying to SELL his sons baby and when Rickys story was revealed I didn't feel any kind of compassion for the character. Yes, it was that badly played.
And Ricky feeling remorse in the end of the season - sorry I don't buy it. During the whole season he was the biggest jerk ever and in the end they are trying to make him look presentable.

8. Amy falling in love with the wealthy boy after she got knocked up. Hmmm how convenient.

9. The crazy Christian chick who asks her parents if she can go out or kiss a boy.

10. And finally the baby's dad who is all hurt and vulnerable and when the 1st human with a V passes by him, he is trying to get in her pants.
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